Best Nude Lipsticks

MAC Myth Lipstick: This is described as a pale, flesh-toned slightly peach-pink tinged nude. Myth has a satin finish, which means it has a very creamy, which means if not applied just the right way it will look like concealer. It’s not glossy and has no shimmer. It gives my lips full coverage color. It’s similar to Fleshpotand I would say Peachstock, not really but definitely the same family. Dupe: NYX Circe

MAC Peachstock:  This brings me to Peachstock!  This is my favorite MAC nude color.  It’s still very light but a peachy-nude with a very creamy finish, so you don’t look as dead. Dupe: NYX Honey or Revlon Nude Attitude

MAC Crème d’Nude:  If you like Myth but don’t like the opaque, concealer look then this is the color for you.  It has a glossy finish and the color is just beautiful.

L’oreal Fairest Nude:  LOOOOOVE this color!  It is so beautiful and for like $5 a tube(Target or Walmart) WOW!   It’s  very wearable for those who don’t want super pale lips but still want that nude look.  I say the color is more of a light mauvey pink? But more nude?  It’s weird to explain but it’s definitely not traditional nude and that is what makes it amazing! The texture is very smooth and creamy and no weird streaking.  If you want the perfect nude then go for this one.

NYX Circe and Honey:  I would say Circe is a great dupe for Myth, it’s very neutral concealer type color.  Honey is a great dupe for Peachstock with yellow-peachy undertones.  You can also try Rea with has more of a brownish pinkish undertone.

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