MAC's Lady Danger Dupe

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One of my favorite bright lipsticks is the MAC Lady Danger.  It’s a very bright orange/red color and looks amazing on any skin tone.  Since I’m not one to always be rocking this bright lip look, I didn’t want to shell out $14 for a lipstick I’ll probably use one season.  So I went on the hunt for the perfect dupe and i found it for $2.99 at www.chellycosmetics.com.
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Here is a swatch on Lady Danger (borrowed from a friend) and my 205 Big Apple Chelly Lipstick

As you can tell they are almost identical.  On lips, you really can’t tell the difference.  MAC is obviously better quality but if you’re looking for an exact dupe for about 15% of the cost then I say go for chelly’s version.

I was at the mall and went to ULTA.  Noticed NYX Eros.  It’s also the perfect dupe for MAC’s  Lady Danger.  Also for the fraction of the price  

Visit www.chellycosmetics.com  Chelly Lipstick in shade 205 Big Apple.

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