MAC Satin Dupe and E.L.F Moondust

One of my favorite colors is MAC’s Satin Taupe.   It is a go to color and if i can recommend a MAC eyeshadow to go spending your money on it’s def this one.  Not all of us have $14 to spend on ONE eyeshadow.  I found the closest dupe to it and guess what? ONLY $1!!!!!!!

Let me first describe them.
Satin Taupe is a really gorgeous brownish bronze color with a greyish undertone….gives a really sexy smokey eye effect when used on lid and under lashes  or with a black outer corner and so on.  It’s so versatile.


ELF’s Moondust I describe the same way.  Same color but with a little more sparkle.

ELF is more of my everyday go anywhere non-spacial eyeshadow, since i really don't want to kill my Satin Taupe o just go out for lunch or whatever. Although they look almost exactly the same, MAC's quality is a bit better but for $1, I really can't complain.

If you're debating, I say first try out Moondust.  Wear a primer with it, which ELF also sells for $1.  Go to Target if you don't want to pay shipping.

If you have the money or save up for it then honestly you can't go wrong with MAC's Satin Taupe.  It's just beautiful.

I will do a look with it soon :)

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