Jordana Modern Matter Lipsticks

I’m a huge fan of Jordana Cosmetics.  As a teenager before being able to afford MAC and so on, I had a collection of Jordana.  Did you know Milani and Jordana are the same company?  So there is a new line called Modern Matter Lipsticks and let me tell you…The colors are beautiful!  I should do swatches soon. 

I think they're amazing lipsticks and amazing colors for only $2.49. They are almost just as good as the Wet n Wild ones, but those will probably always be my favorite matte lipsticks from the drugstore. 
It is very matte but not too drying. They last for hours and fade nicely 

Jordana Modern Matte are a little bit creamier than a regular matte lipsticks.  Mixed with Jordana’s own Lip liners (which I love) these give you a beautiful professional look that others pay a lot more money for.


These are the ones I bought and tried out


Matte Bare (01) - deep pink nude
Matte Tease (04) - rosy pink
Matte Classy (05) - nice mauve that is super flattering. Perfect for everyday #kyliejennerlips
Matte It Girl (08) - fuchsia
Matte Pretty (10) – orange peachy
Matte Caliente (11) - hot red
Matte Style (12) - true red
#modernmatter #jordana #jordanacosmetics


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Leg Makeup..VoxBox

What I really love about this is that it is not orange.  I love it and have actually been using it for years.  I think this is a new formula but I feel it the same.   I love that it goes on so evenly. It's not invisible when applying so you are able to see exactly how much your applying.  It gives a very sex glow.#AirbrushPerfectLegs #VoxBox

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


Save Your Hair!!!

Let's face it, we've all dealt with it! DAMAGED HAIR!!! DULL HAIR!!! What to do? Conditioners promise us the world and a new head of hair but that's never really the case now is it? I suffer from curly, dry, damaged, heat treated, dyed, fall of in chunks hair. Not really doing much to it but buying conditioner after conditioner and masks and deep treatments, I decided to go the natural route and boy am I happy with the results. I tried a couple of things and this is what worked best for me. It's easy and cheap and y'all would be very pleased.

 Treatment #1- Honey and Oil Mix Honey and Oil (olive, coconut, jojoba, avocado, almond) Heat it a bit to mix all together and add it to your hair. Both products are known to add moisture and smooth hair. Leave it for 30 minutes or so while you're doing housework or going to the gym or even grocery shopping (yes I'm that girl) You can also sit under a dryer if you have one or use a conditioning cap like this one. Wash off like you normally do and style as usual
Results- Shiny soft hair

 Treatment #2- Cholesterol and Oil Same as above and use heat. This is great for moisture


Co Washing (aka Wen) for those who aren't familiar

So I've fallen in love recently.  I started cowashing my hair because it was literally falling off and pieces were just snapping off.  So I went to Sally Beauty Supply and ventured out to two Coconut Cowashes they have that were on sale for the month of January.  As I am CoWash and Eden Body Works CoWash.   AMAZING!!!  My hair has never felt better and after 2 weeks of using it my hair has finally stopped breaking off.  The best part is that it actually cleans the hair.  If your hair is greasy then just use a clarifying shampoo once a week or so but I promise you won't regret trying these products.  Not only that but it's WAY cheaper than Wen and my hair liked it better.  After cowashing I following with EDEN Body works All natural Leave in.  So far so good!  Go try it out!!


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat

OMG is all I can say.  Listen ladies, I have tried them ALLLLL. I'm sure y'all have too.  I tried this on a whim on a trip to Walmart.  Since it said chip less and it was under $4 I figured "why not?"  A little history, I have tried them all from OPI , Seche Cite, Essie to Hoofer Choice, etc.  Though they are great and dry fast, they chip by the second day.  Not Sally Hansen's.  So far I'm on day 3 and nothing yet.  Also for all of us nail art girls...it doesn't smear.  This is definitely the only top coat you'll ever need and prices between $5.99-$3.50 you have nothing to lose.


Makeup Basics- Concealer

Ok, Let's start with what what i like to call my love hate product.  Suffering from massive bags and under eye circles, I've needed concealer since i was a very young teen.  It was a love hate relationship since i didn't know how to use it.  

I made this mistake a lot.  I hate to admit it, but i made this mistake recently too. 

After trial and error and lots of research....I finally found what worked for me.  

 If you don't want to get those glowing white racoon eyes the secret is to extend the area where the concealer is applied.....Use the "triangle" method.  Like the pic below....

Apply the concealer from the inner corner of the eye, down to the nostril, and back up to the outer corner of the eye, but don't pass the eye. Blend well! This will make your eyes look lifted and it will photograph way better ;-)


The Truth about the Keratin Hair Treatment

Check out Your Go to Gal's article about the very popular and expensive Keratin Hair Treatment,  Also known as the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.

Please note...The Keratin Treatment is NOT a straightening procedure.  It's just a hair rebuilder.  Which is why it eliminates frizz and gives incredible shine :)  

Click Here- Truth about Keratin

After Ironing the product in.  What a difference from the before hair right?

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Sally Girl Brow Powder Review

Your eyebrows are the frame to your face.  They can either make you look beautiful or like a complete hairy beast or what some people like to call a chonga.

I found something! OMG!  How could I have missed this?  If you're starting a little brow kit then look no further.  Sally Girl is the little compact that could.  Ok to start off, I'm a huge fan of Sally Girl(sells for 0.99 at Sally Beauty Supply).  Little nail polishes, bronzers, shadows, blushes, etc...  For the price these are amazing especially for travel and going out (In case you don't want to hit the town with your more expensive makeup). I started building my brow kit since, I hate to admit it, but I was kind of ignoring my own brows.  I usually just used simple eyeshadow on people's eyebrows but never really cared about mine. 

One day while at Sally Beauty with my grandmother, she picked up some eyebrow pencils, the Beautique Brow Pencil and I of course had to get one to try it out. I fell in love with how it made my eyebrows look so naturally i went on a buying rampage.  They were having a great sell on Ardell, which by the way, AMAZING!!!!  Very comparable to Anatasia..yes i said it....not 100%  but for the price alone, i would say 100% hehe

I stocked up on a brow brush, shaping gel, stencils(btw E.L.F has them for $1) and a few powders.  Until I noticed the Sally Girl Brow Powders


For a buck I figured, hey why not?  I must say WOW.  The colors are great!  The price is GREAT and you can get all 3 without breaking bank.  When combined with the gel, your eyebrows will STAYS PUT alllllllll day.  So if you're looking for a cheap way to freshen up that beautiful face of yours then go for this.  You won't regret it and neither will your wallet ;-)

Maybe I'll work on a little tutorial on getting that perfect brow.  Hopefully the new semester will give me some time


Cleaning Our Makeup Brushes

One of my favorite Bloggers, You Go to Gal, asked me how I clean my brushes.  So I decided to write a little how-to about it.

Ok…no ifs ands or butts….WE NEED TO CLEAN OUR BRUSHES!

Not cleaning them only leads to your brushes getting matted and shed and it also causes old makeup residue, dead skin cells, and dirty oil to build up on the bristles and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which causes acne breakouts, clogged pores, and impurities on your face.

Once a week I wash my personal brushes since I don’t wear makeup no more than twice a week. I wash them immediately after using them on clients.

There are many many many options out there to wash our brushes, such as Brush Shampoo, Baby Shampoo, and my personal favorite, Kid’s 2 in 1 Unscented Shampoo.

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Makeup Cleaning Wipes----Name Brand or Generic Brand?

We love them!  I certainly do. 
I honestly can't live without these magical little Makeup Remover Wipes.  A girl's best friend.  I use them before washing my face to first get the gunk out then finish the cleansing process.  It works wonders, especially at night before going to bed.

But, with today's economy it's hard to pay $6-$9 and sometimes even more,  for wipes that you're just going to throw away.

Although they are amazing, the generic brands can be just as amazing as well.

I bought the Family Dollar wipes on a whim mainly because they were $2 for a pack of 30.  Can you believe that?  When I got home before washing my face, I proceeded with my usual routine of wiping off makeup before washing my face throughly.  I mist say...WOW...it removed everything just as well as the most expensive brands.

I totally recommend them if you're on a budget.  Even if you're not, They are THAT GOOD!


Leopard Nails

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MAC 217 vs Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff Brush

It’s not a secret….I LOVE my MAC 217 brush. I can do everything with it, from applying eye shadow base, to shadow, cream shadow, blending, etc. I just don’t have $30 to spend on multiple brushes. Coastal Scents made a dupe and I was skeptical but I finally tried it and IT IS AMAZING!!!!

Ok Let’s start with the MAC 217. I Looooooove this brush!! Perfect for blending and getting into the crease. Perfect for cream shadows. It doesn’t shed and blends everything beautifully, Bristles are soft yet dense. I can almost say, this is an all for one brush.

The Coastal Scents dupe for the MAC 217 brush is AWESOME! At first I didn’t think much about it but for $5 I took my chances and boy am I glad!!!! It is a fluffy brush that works well in the crease. Not as soft as the 217 but def very close. I would say it’s like a 89% replica. I used it the other night and my eye shadow came out exactly as when I use the MAC 217, in my opinion at least. I would definitely purchase another. Too bad they are always out of stock L

If you are really aching for a MAC 217 but don’t have the cash right now, then go for the Coastal Scents one


If you have the cash for a $30 brush then splurge. It’s also well worth the investment

MAC's Lady Danger Dupe

Posted by Prissy Makeup

One of my favorite bright lipsticks is the MAC Lady Danger.  It’s a very bright orange/red color and looks amazing on any skin tone.  Since I’m not one to always be rocking this bright lip look, I didn’t want to shell out $14 for a lipstick I’ll probably use one season.  So I went on the hunt for the perfect dupe and i found it for $2.99 at www.chellycosmetics.com.
Read more for pictures…
Here is a swatch on Lady Danger (borrowed from a friend) and my 205 Big Apple Chelly Lipstick

As you can tell they are almost identical.  On lips, you really can’t tell the difference.  MAC is obviously better quality but if you’re looking for an exact dupe for about 15% of the cost then I say go for chelly’s version.

I was at the mall and went to ULTA.  Noticed NYX Eros.  It’s also the perfect dupe for MAC’s  Lady Danger.  Also for the fraction of the price  

Visit www.chellycosmetics.com  Chelly Lipstick in shade 205 Big Apple.

Best Nude Lipsticks

MAC Myth Lipstick: This is described as a pale, flesh-toned slightly peach-pink tinged nude. Myth has a satin finish, which means it has a very creamy, which means if not applied just the right way it will look like concealer. It’s not glossy and has no shimmer. It gives my lips full coverage color. It’s similar to Fleshpotand I would say Peachstock, not really but definitely the same family. Dupe: NYX Circe

MAC Peachstock:  This brings me to Peachstock!  This is my favorite MAC nude color.  It’s still very light but a peachy-nude with a very creamy finish, so you don’t look as dead. Dupe: NYX Honey or Revlon Nude Attitude

MAC Crème d’Nude:  If you like Myth but don’t like the opaque, concealer look then this is the color for you.  It has a glossy finish and the color is just beautiful.

L’oreal Fairest Nude:  LOOOOOVE this color!  It is so beautiful and for like $5 a tube(Target or Walmart) WOW!   It’s  very wearable for those who don’t want super pale lips but still want that nude look.  I say the color is more of a light mauvey pink? But more nude?  It’s weird to explain but it’s definitely not traditional nude and that is what makes it amazing! The texture is very smooth and creamy and no weird streaking.  If you want the perfect nude then go for this one.

NYX Circe and Honey:  I would say Circe is a great dupe for Myth, it’s very neutral concealer type color.  Honey is a great dupe for Peachstock with yellow-peachy undertones.  You can also try Rea with has more of a brownish pinkish undertone.

Best Red Tone Lipsticks

MAC Russian Red: Deep blue-red and just beautiful. It is a matte color so def moisturize lips when using this.  It’s a true red and perfect for that pin up look. Dupe: Revlon True Red or NYC Retro Red
MAC Lady Danger:  My Favorite!  It’s like an orange red that looks great on anybody!  Dupe: Chelly Big Apple Red or NYX Eros
Revlon True Red: It’s a very Dita Von Tease like lipstick and very red.  Like it’s name, can’t get any truer than this.
NYC Retro Red:  A pretty red for like $2 and sometimes  .99.  Can’t beat it!