Makeup Cleaning Wipes----Name Brand or Generic Brand?

We love them!  I certainly do. 
I honestly can't live without these magical little Makeup Remover Wipes.  A girl's best friend.  I use them before washing my face to first get the gunk out then finish the cleansing process.  It works wonders, especially at night before going to bed.

But, with today's economy it's hard to pay $6-$9 and sometimes even more,  for wipes that you're just going to throw away.

Although they are amazing, the generic brands can be just as amazing as well.

I bought the Family Dollar wipes on a whim mainly because they were $2 for a pack of 30.  Can you believe that?  When I got home before washing my face, I proceeded with my usual routine of wiping off makeup before washing my face throughly.  I mist say...WOW...it removed everything just as well as the most expensive brands.

I totally recommend them if you're on a budget.  Even if you're not, They are THAT GOOD!


Leopard Nails

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MAC 217 vs Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff Brush

It’s not a secret….I LOVE my MAC 217 brush. I can do everything with it, from applying eye shadow base, to shadow, cream shadow, blending, etc. I just don’t have $30 to spend on multiple brushes. Coastal Scents made a dupe and I was skeptical but I finally tried it and IT IS AMAZING!!!!

Ok Let’s start with the MAC 217. I Looooooove this brush!! Perfect for blending and getting into the crease. Perfect for cream shadows. It doesn’t shed and blends everything beautifully, Bristles are soft yet dense. I can almost say, this is an all for one brush.

The Coastal Scents dupe for the MAC 217 brush is AWESOME! At first I didn’t think much about it but for $5 I took my chances and boy am I glad!!!! It is a fluffy brush that works well in the crease. Not as soft as the 217 but def very close. I would say it’s like a 89% replica. I used it the other night and my eye shadow came out exactly as when I use the MAC 217, in my opinion at least. I would definitely purchase another. Too bad they are always out of stock L

If you are really aching for a MAC 217 but don’t have the cash right now, then go for the Coastal Scents one


If you have the cash for a $30 brush then splurge. It’s also well worth the investment

MAC's Lady Danger Dupe

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One of my favorite bright lipsticks is the MAC Lady Danger.  It’s a very bright orange/red color and looks amazing on any skin tone.  Since I’m not one to always be rocking this bright lip look, I didn’t want to shell out $14 for a lipstick I’ll probably use one season.  So I went on the hunt for the perfect dupe and i found it for $2.99 at www.chellycosmetics.com.
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Here is a swatch on Lady Danger (borrowed from a friend) and my 205 Big Apple Chelly Lipstick

As you can tell they are almost identical.  On lips, you really can’t tell the difference.  MAC is obviously better quality but if you’re looking for an exact dupe for about 15% of the cost then I say go for chelly’s version.

I was at the mall and went to ULTA.  Noticed NYX Eros.  It’s also the perfect dupe for MAC’s  Lady Danger.  Also for the fraction of the price  

Visit www.chellycosmetics.com  Chelly Lipstick in shade 205 Big Apple.

Best Nude Lipsticks

MAC Myth Lipstick: This is described as a pale, flesh-toned slightly peach-pink tinged nude. Myth has a satin finish, which means it has a very creamy, which means if not applied just the right way it will look like concealer. It’s not glossy and has no shimmer. It gives my lips full coverage color. It’s similar to Fleshpotand I would say Peachstock, not really but definitely the same family. Dupe: NYX Circe

MAC Peachstock:  This brings me to Peachstock!  This is my favorite MAC nude color.  It’s still very light but a peachy-nude with a very creamy finish, so you don’t look as dead. Dupe: NYX Honey or Revlon Nude Attitude

MAC Crème d’Nude:  If you like Myth but don’t like the opaque, concealer look then this is the color for you.  It has a glossy finish and the color is just beautiful.

L’oreal Fairest Nude:  LOOOOOVE this color!  It is so beautiful and for like $5 a tube(Target or Walmart) WOW!   It’s  very wearable for those who don’t want super pale lips but still want that nude look.  I say the color is more of a light mauvey pink? But more nude?  It’s weird to explain but it’s definitely not traditional nude and that is what makes it amazing! The texture is very smooth and creamy and no weird streaking.  If you want the perfect nude then go for this one.

NYX Circe and Honey:  I would say Circe is a great dupe for Myth, it’s very neutral concealer type color.  Honey is a great dupe for Peachstock with yellow-peachy undertones.  You can also try Rea with has more of a brownish pinkish undertone.

Best Red Tone Lipsticks

MAC Russian Red: Deep blue-red and just beautiful. It is a matte color so def moisturize lips when using this.  It’s a true red and perfect for that pin up look. Dupe: Revlon True Red or NYC Retro Red
MAC Lady Danger:  My Favorite!  It’s like an orange red that looks great on anybody!  Dupe: Chelly Big Apple Red or NYX Eros
Revlon True Red: It’s a very Dita Von Tease like lipstick and very red.  Like it’s name, can’t get any truer than this.
NYC Retro Red:  A pretty red for like $2 and sometimes  .99.  Can’t beat it!

Best Pink Tone Lipsticks

These are some of my favorite pink tone lipsticks

MAC Snob: It is described as a “lady like mauve”.   It’s a cool bluish purple undertone pink I would say.  Very pretty and buildable. Goes great with a heavy eye or even a lighter eye.  Dupe: NYX Power. 
Milani Rose Hip: The Perfect Magenta!  It is a beautiful, vibrant shade of fuchsia-pink with no shimmer or frost.  In my opinion this color can’t be any prettier!  I love it and usually it’s my go to color.  For about $4 a tube, you definitely can’t beat it.
MAC Pink Nouveau: Very pretty bubblegum pink color. It’s very intense and also very pretty.  Reminds me of Katy Perry makeup..lol.  Smooth, creamy texture and it has great staying power. Dupe: NYX Narcissus
MAC Pretty Please or Milani Frosted Pink:  This is for those ladies that love frosty pink lipsticks.  Angel is a nice pretty metallic light pink as is the Milani one.  It’s up to you if you want to spend $14(staying power is better) or $3(staying power not that bad).  I love frosted pink lips with just about any look.

Best Purple Tone Lipsticks

MAC Up the Amp: This is an electric purple.  It isn’t a light or lilac-y purple by any means!  I do love this color!  It looks so pretty one.  Don’t be scared when you see it in the tube.  It’s very pretty on and very buildable. Dupe: NYX Castle

MAC Blooming Lovely:  I see this as a lighter version of Up the Amp.  It’s like mauvey lilac with a glossy sheen in an amplified finish.  What sucks is that it was a limited edition color and I regret not buying more.  It looks amazing with smokey looks as well as lighter looks.   Dupe: I did find that NYX Power mixed with NYX Castle copies it almost exactly, I would say like 97%.

NYX Power and Castle:  Castle is a bit of cool toned pinky lilac fun!  Power is a matte, pink color with purple undertones.  They are both so pretty and worth checking out for those who don’t want to spend a lot.

 Rimmell's Vintage Pink - This color is soooooo pretty.  Kind of like Lavender Whip from MAC but a little more pink

Silver, Glitter, and Black Look

My camera really washes out color and completely erases the glitter.  Anybody have any tips on this?  I tried everything!  Well, anyways, check it out.  Keep ready for more details and the video is at the very end….

1 Prime eyes using MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot

2. Using  Silver from the 120 Color Palette, Apply to the entire lid


3. Using the Dark Silver from the same palette, apply it in the outer corner and the crease and blend.

4. Apply black to outer corner and blend.  Blending is key!

5. Apply glitter.  I used clear lip gloss on lid and Silver Lining silver glitter by Sally Girl, it’s only .99 people!  My camera totally washed out the glitter, but my eyes looked like a hyped up disco ball.  If anybody has tips on taking pictures of makeup please help me out because i tried everything!

6. Liner (MAC’s Black Fluidline) Mascara (Cover Girl Lash Blast), Blend and you’re done!

I used a pinky frosty color for this look but you can also use a nude color.  The eyes are way deeper than they appear in the picture so you should keep the lips light.

There you go!  This is my first video ever so bare with me.  I’m going to start reading up on tips on taking better pictures and making better videos for u guys!  Keep checking back and keep on watching!

Stay Prissy ;-)

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MAC Satin Dupe and E.L.F Moondust

One of my favorite colors is MAC’s Satin Taupe.   It is a go to color and if i can recommend a MAC eyeshadow to go spending your money on it’s def this one.  Not all of us have $14 to spend on ONE eyeshadow.  I found the closest dupe to it and guess what? ONLY $1!!!!!!!

Let me first describe them.
Satin Taupe is a really gorgeous brownish bronze color with a greyish undertone….gives a really sexy smokey eye effect when used on lid and under lashes  or with a black outer corner and so on.  It’s so versatile.


ELF’s Moondust I describe the same way.  Same color but with a little more sparkle.

ELF is more of my everyday go anywhere non-spacial eyeshadow, since i really don't want to kill my Satin Taupe o just go out for lunch or whatever. Although they look almost exactly the same, MAC's quality is a bit better but for $1, I really can't complain.

If you're debating, I say first try out Moondust.  Wear a primer with it, which ELF also sells for $1.  Go to Target if you don't want to pay shipping.

If you have the money or save up for it then honestly you can't go wrong with MAC's Satin Taupe.  It's just beautiful.

I will do a look with it soon :)