Sealed with a Kiss lipstick Fixative Review

How much do we hate leaving the house just to get to our destination and our lipstick is no longer with us? :(   As I was shopping around for a good long lasting lipstick, i stumbled upon this at Sally Beauty Supply.  For $4 I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try this.  Does it work?  Is it worth it?  Lipstick NEVER lasts more 30 on me and this worked wonders.  In my opinion….YES!…Read More…..
I tried reading reviews first before trying it out but not much was out there and all I found was that it burns and that the roller ball sucks!  Granted, if your lips are chapped, it’s going to burn a bit since it’s alcohol based and Yes, the roller ball does suck.  I just popped it out and I dip a lip brush in solution and brush it on like a gloss.

This is a liquid solution that you wear over your lipstick.  Directions tell you to put it on as a base first but I didn’t really like the way it felt on my bare lips, but I do recommend you try it this way since it will work a lot better.  What I do is fill in the lips with lip liner and apply lipstick.    Blot the lipstick if its too creamy and then brush on the solution,  you can use it with the little rollerball it brings but I personally don’t like it. It’s minty and tingly at first, but that sensation goes away pretty fast. When that’s dry I apply another coat of lipstick and maybe some lip gloss.  My lipstick will last all night!  I do retouch the gloss to look fresh, but this product did keep my lipstick going for a good 5 hours.
So Yes I do recommend. Would definitely repurchase

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