Jordana Modern Matter Lipsticks

I’m a huge fan of Jordana Cosmetics.  As a teenager before being able to afford MAC and so on, I had a collection of Jordana.  Did you know Milani and Jordana are the same company?  So there is a new line called Modern Matter Lipsticks and let me tell you…The colors are beautiful!  I should do swatches soon. 

I think they're amazing lipsticks and amazing colors for only $2.49. They are almost just as good as the Wet n Wild ones, but those will probably always be my favorite matte lipsticks from the drugstore. 
It is very matte but not too drying. They last for hours and fade nicely 

Jordana Modern Matte are a little bit creamier than a regular matte lipsticks.  Mixed with Jordana’s own Lip liners (which I love) these give you a beautiful professional look that others pay a lot more money for.


These are the ones I bought and tried out


Matte Bare (01) - deep pink nude
Matte Tease (04) - rosy pink
Matte Classy (05) - nice mauve that is super flattering. Perfect for everyday #kyliejennerlips
Matte It Girl (08) - fuchsia
Matte Pretty (10) – orange peachy
Matte Caliente (11) - hot red
Matte Style (12) - true red
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