MAC 217 vs Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff Brush

It’s not a secret….I LOVE my MAC 217 brush. I can do everything with it, from applying eye shadow base, to shadow, cream shadow, blending, etc. I just don’t have $30 to spend on multiple brushes. Coastal Scents made a dupe and I was skeptical but I finally tried it and IT IS AMAZING!!!!

Ok Let’s start with the MAC 217. I Looooooove this brush!! Perfect for blending and getting into the crease. Perfect for cream shadows. It doesn’t shed and blends everything beautifully, Bristles are soft yet dense. I can almost say, this is an all for one brush.

The Coastal Scents dupe for the MAC 217 brush is AWESOME! At first I didn’t think much about it but for $5 I took my chances and boy am I glad!!!! It is a fluffy brush that works well in the crease. Not as soft as the 217 but def very close. I would say it’s like a 89% replica. I used it the other night and my eye shadow came out exactly as when I use the MAC 217, in my opinion at least. I would definitely purchase another. Too bad they are always out of stock L

If you are really aching for a MAC 217 but don’t have the cash right now, then go for the Coastal Scents one


If you have the cash for a $30 brush then splurge. It’s also well worth the investment


  1. wow! very informative.. thanks for sharing.. I think i'm going to blog in about the comparison too!

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