Best Purple Tone Lipsticks

MAC Up the Amp: This is an electric purple.  It isn’t a light or lilac-y purple by any means!  I do love this color!  It looks so pretty one.  Don’t be scared when you see it in the tube.  It’s very pretty on and very buildable. Dupe: NYX Castle

MAC Blooming Lovely:  I see this as a lighter version of Up the Amp.  It’s like mauvey lilac with a glossy sheen in an amplified finish.  What sucks is that it was a limited edition color and I regret not buying more.  It looks amazing with smokey looks as well as lighter looks.   Dupe: I did find that NYX Power mixed with NYX Castle copies it almost exactly, I would say like 97%.

NYX Power and Castle:  Castle is a bit of cool toned pinky lilac fun!  Power is a matte, pink color with purple undertones.  They are both so pretty and worth checking out for those who don’t want to spend a lot.

 Rimmell's Vintage Pink - This color is soooooo pretty.  Kind of like Lavender Whip from MAC but a little more pink

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