Best Pink Tone Lipsticks

These are some of my favorite pink tone lipsticks

MAC Snob: It is described as a “lady like mauve”.   It’s a cool bluish purple undertone pink I would say.  Very pretty and buildable. Goes great with a heavy eye or even a lighter eye.  Dupe: NYX Power. 
Milani Rose Hip: The Perfect Magenta!  It is a beautiful, vibrant shade of fuchsia-pink with no shimmer or frost.  In my opinion this color can’t be any prettier!  I love it and usually it’s my go to color.  For about $4 a tube, you definitely can’t beat it.
MAC Pink Nouveau: Very pretty bubblegum pink color. It’s very intense and also very pretty.  Reminds me of Katy Perry makeup..lol.  Smooth, creamy texture and it has great staying power. Dupe: NYX Narcissus
MAC Pretty Please or Milani Frosted Pink:  This is for those ladies that love frosty pink lipsticks.  Angel is a nice pretty metallic light pink as is the Milani one.  It’s up to you if you want to spend $14(staying power is better) or $3(staying power not that bad).  I love frosted pink lips with just about any look.

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