Cleaning Our Makeup Brushes

One of my favorite Bloggers, You Go to Gal, asked me how I clean my brushes.  So I decided to write a little how-to about it.

Ok…no ifs ands or butts….WE NEED TO CLEAN OUR BRUSHES!

Not cleaning them only leads to your brushes getting matted and shed and it also causes old makeup residue, dead skin cells, and dirty oil to build up on the bristles and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which causes acne breakouts, clogged pores, and impurities on your face.

Once a week I wash my personal brushes since I don’t wear makeup no more than twice a week. I wash them immediately after using them on clients.

There are many many many options out there to wash our brushes, such as Brush Shampoo, Baby Shampoo, and my personal favorite, Kid’s 2 in 1 Unscented Shampoo.

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Brush Shampoo is a great choice although a bit more pricey. For a cheaper alternative, I have used the E.L.F Brush Shampoo. It’s only $3 but the bottle is pretty small.

My personal favorite is the Suave Kids 2 in 1 Unscented Shampoo. It cleans well and has conditioners. A pretty big bottle will cost around $2 and it will last a VERY long time.

After washing my brushes, depending what state they are it, I’ll spray it with a bit of leave in conditioner.

Baby shampoo is also a great shampoo for your brushes. I would condition them a bit after though.

How do we Clean them?

o Run the bristles of the makeup brush under warm running water. Soak them pretty good and rinse the makeup

o Apply a small amount of shampoo to bristles or on the palm of the hands and work into a light lather.

o Rinse bristles thoroughly under running water. You will notice that the water leaving the brush is tinted from old makeup.

o You can repeat this process to thoroughly clean your brush.

o If it’s really matted, spray some leave in conditioner on it and let it air dry. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, just condition it with a bit of conditioner and rinse well.

o Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush.

o Allow it to air-dry.

*I really don't like to soak them in the sink or bowl since it collects too much water

Personally, I loooooooooove the brush guards from coastal scents

When air drying…it gives shape back to the brushes. You can also put them afce down for the water to drain out really well.

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