Making Eyes Bigger

A friend of mine requested that I talk about how to make eyes appear bigger. There are a few tips and tricks. Although sometimes unnoticeable in person, you can see a world of difference in pictures. So how do we do this?

First off, Reduce any puffiness in your eyes. Swelling in the skin on and around your eyes can make them look smaller.

Keep Your Brows Manicured
You'd be amazed at how manicured brows can transform your face. Just go to a professional to have them shaped and groomed! You'll be amazed

If you don't have long eyelashes, curling them before applying mascara will really open up your eyes. You can actually curl lashes AFTER mascara too. Don’t forget the bottom lashes…VERY IMPORTANT, especially in the outter corner. Some artists don’t believe in this but as sometime with small deep set eyes(THE WORST) it works wonders for me.

Don’t skimp of false lashes. Try the individual ones and apply them on your outer corner of the eyes. It will give the illusion of elongated eyes.


Always put a bit of light eye shadow right at the inside ridge of my eye, where the upper lid meets the bottom lid, near the tear duct. It's amazing how that bit of white brightens my eyes and makes them look whiter and wider. This is an old beauty secret of makeup artists. If you look closely at photos of celebrities on red carpets or any catalog you can see that there is usaully a white shadow the inside corner of their eyes. Try lining your lower lids with a creamy white eye pencil.

Dark Eyeliner!

Don't apply eyeliner all the way around your eyes. It does give the illusion of smaller eyes. Extend eyeliner past the outer corners of your eyes But if done right, you can do a great smokey eye that will compliment your small eyes. Keep shadow and liner on your lower lashes and keep away from the water line.

Final and most IMPORTANT Tip

If you don’t feel like putting up with everything mentioned above. Just Keep darker colors on the outer corner of your eyes. Smoke it out. Something that simple will make a world of difference.

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